Here we go then…

“I’m a writer”, are words I’ve always dreamed of saying to a new acquaintance. My imagination has always run riot, words bounce around in my head but life keeps tilting the table and, up until now at any rate, I’ve ‘not had the time’, ‘work  to be done’ blah, blah. So why now? My relatively new husband (he still has the ‘shine’ on him) suggested blogging so I’m going to give this a chance and see if it helps unblock the block and get those words out of my head and onto paper, or at least into the ether where I hope they may entertain or mildly amuse!

This is my page and I’m going to write down what comes into my head, although I doubt it will follow any set pattern or theme. I will write about astrology, astronomy (I love science articles), the past, the present, my hobbies (eclectic and diverse), the people I love and anything else that might come up. Comment may happen on politics or not…

So, here we go then…


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