Old songs and late nights

Every now and again, we indulge. The iPad comes out and YouTube gets turned on, Dearly Beloved likes to play old songs to me. And I mean OLD – 50s, 60s and 70s mostly and I have to guess the singers or the title of the song! I do quite well mostly, or if I know the song well I sing along, badly – I haven’t sung since I was at school, but I love singing so – the lovely old tunes do get me going – Simon and Garfunkel especially. Tonight it’s been the 60s – “he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother”, “it never rains in Southern California”…

Omg, now it’s Gilbert O’Sullivan! One of my first albums was one of his, Claire I think, along with TRex and Elton John. Bridge over Troubled Water was a favourite – I still know all the words!

And then I heard David Bowie and I was lost forever. My first boyfriend, Ian, first introduced me to Aladdin Sane – a guilty pleasure even now. My real education began there, not just musical but he coloured my teen years and beyond – the Prettiest Star took me to places I’d never have gone on my own. We miss you David.


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