Month: June 2016

Losing and gaining

I lost my cat.

I have (or had) six, two girls and and 4 boys. This one, Millie was my baby. A little tuxedo, with a black face, white bib and beautiful white paws. She was loving, sweet, funny and mine. The other girl, Gracie, loves my husband with a passion, but Millie was mine. The boys are, well, cats – always out and about, doing this and that, catching things (and letting the things go) and only coming in to eat or sleep. But Millie was mine.

My husband found her 4 weeks ago on the grass outside our house. She had been run over, although that wasn’t immediately obvious. I cried to two days solid and am still tearful. My sister once said that cats take your heart and then break it. Its true, not just of cats though.

My Dearly Beloved could not stand my sadness, and had bought me a new kitten. More of her later.