Back in the saddle again

Hello!  I’m back again.  The last few months have been incredibly busy so I’ve not had the time or the inclination to blog.  So what’s been happening? New kitten is settling in nicely – we called her Hattie and she’s a sleek black cat with yellow eyes and the longest tail I’ve ever seen – it reaches nearly to her head.  She loves her brothers and sister and is still quite tiny, but full of life and mischief that only kittens can be.  

Dad isn’t doing quite so well, he’s now 85 and having to use a wheelchair for some of the time.  With dialysis coming up, he’s not having a happy time and I am trying to spend as much time with him as possible. 

I’ve been involved in a small way with the Women’s Marches in London – worrying about the state of the world and wondering why the human race is having a collective brain-fart.  Not mentioning any names (but it rhymes with Strump), whose bright idea was it to put a man-baby in charge  and give him the nuclear button?  My ghostly grandparents, who lived through and fought in two world wars, are wandering around my house moaning and wailing and shaking their metaphorical chains in horror (I’m guessing – I’ve yet to meet my granddad coming out of the bathroom, but it nothing would surprise me). 

Brexit was another little gem. The UK Government gambled and lost, and then the leaders ran away, yelling “it wasn’t my fault”!  I’m pretty upset that we are leaving Europe, something I think the UK will regret sooner or later (I could be wrong, I know).  

I’ve taken up tai chi.  Its amazing!

Be back later 🙂


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